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Pantry Gift Set - Large

Pantry Gift Set - Large

2018 Chardonnay

2018 Laughing Lands Merlot

Hudson Estate Olio Nuovo, 375mL

Hudson Honey, 8oz

June Taylor Assorted Small Syrup - Great for spritzers, cocktails, drizzled over cheese or used as a glaze for meats and seafood.

Chile Crunch - Crunchy and a little bit spicy, a great topping for salads or hot potatoes.

Truffle Shuffle White Truffle Salt - Made with real French summer truffles! 

GL Alfieri Almond Butter Crunchy - No other almond butter compares – perfect amount of salt!

Hot Yuzu Sauce - Bright, fragrant and spicy. Yuzu is an amazing Japanese citrus.

Yamaki Jozo Soy Sauce - Well balanced with a mild saltiness and sweet fruity notes. You’ll never go back to commercial soy sauce after having this. 

Omnivore Salt Limone - A kitchen staple, best for seafood and poultry dishes.

*Shipped in a nonbranded box

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