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Italy Gift Set - Large

Italy Gift Set - Large

2019 Aleatico

2018 Pick Up Sticks Grenache

Hudson Estate Olio Nuovo, 375mL

Aceto Vivo - Made in Italy. Unpasteurized, full flavor and aged in Tuscan barrels. One of our top three must haves.

Monograno Pasta - A high quality pasta made with exceptional grains, excellent grip for sauces.

Ortiz Tuna - Caught using pole and line method, processed by hand, and aged over time.

Marchesi di San Guiliano Sicilian Orange Marmalade - Delicious! A superior marmalade.

Il Colle del Gusto Sicilian Pistachio Spread - Luscious, sweet, and nutty! Highly addictive. 

Caravaglio Capers - An Italian pantry staple, sweeter and more fragrant.

Agostino Recca Anchovies - Not all anchovies are created equal and these are hands down the very best!

Contadini Sundried Cherry Tomatoes - Small tender tomatoes dried in the sun in Puglia.

Basil Pesto - Blows all other pesto out of the water.

Yolo Journal - We cannot travel, but we can still dream. Escape through these pages. Well-curated travel journal by Yolanda Edwards, former Conde Nast creative director. 

*Shipped in a nonbranded box

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