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Snacks Gift Set - Large

Snacks Gift Set - Large

2018 Chardonnay

2018 Phoenix

Patagonia Provisions Chile Mango - Juicy dried mango with a dusting of chile and lime.

Makabi & Sons Oaxaca Shortbread Cookies - Buttery shortbread with cocoa, cinnamon and a hint of cayenne. Great packaging.

Aurora Natural Dried Cherries - Lightly sweetened sour cherries, delicious!

Nourish Hanalei Dried Apple Banana - The best dried banana out there!

Pump Street Chocolate - 3 small bars - Real chocolate made by hand, using traditional methods and real ingredients.

Jacobsen Salty Black Licorice - Traditional licorice with a hint of sea salt, made in Portland.

Bunches & Bunches Snaps - Crunchy and spicy.  For the ginger lovers out there. 

Bertie County Honey Roasted Peanuts - A salty, crunchy and sweet peanuts from North Carolina!

Laiki Rice Crackers - Crunchy and crisp, great with any dip or spread! These are the house favs!

Awakened Almonds - Crunchy with a hint of salt, you’ll never go back to raw almonds again! 

Bjorn Corn - So Addicting. You’ll want more than one bag. Hard to explain how good this is.

*Shipped in a nonbranded box

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